Increase Your Business Income with STP Techniques (Segmenting, Targeting, Positioning)

STP techniques or strategies aka Segmenting, Targeting, Positioning are sat wrong a popular marketing model as well as delivering results effectively. On a business, marketing becomes a must-plan activity.

When successfully using a marketing strategy for your business, potential benefits become bigger. Therefore, drawing up strategies to achieve marketing success is essential done.

Getting to Know What STP Marketing Is

Segmenting, Targeting, Positioning are marketing strategies implemented with goals determines on which area a business is run. Basically this technique positions a brand towards consumers. The application of these marketing techniques is done through three steps. All three among others identify buyer segments, analyze target markets, and also determine the right position to operate the business.

Understanding Segmenting Applications In Helping the Enterprise

Knowing the segmentation will assist the company in allocating resource is more focused so that the resulting marketing achievements are more optimal. Understanding segmentation also makes it easier for you to obtain an overview of market competition. Companies need to know market segmentation to draw up more marketing measures. Through this segmental stage, you will define the targeted consumer segments to market both products and services.

On STP engineering implementations, there are 4 categories you can set as tolls measure to help determine segmentation.

  1. Demographic, The demographic category means you choose the target market by age category, gender, educational background, occupation, income, to marriage status. This sorting will make it easier for companies in determining customer groups.
  2. Psychographic, Psychographic is a segmental stage in STP marketing which is to select target consumers based on psychological factors. For example get familiar around habits as well as target audience trends when making purchases. You need to recognize what lifestyle, hobbies, social classes, personality, to the interest of prospective consumers in a particular trend is like. Data related to psychography can be obtained through surveys or collect customer data.
  3. Geographical, The geographical category in the segmenting of STP is to divide the target market based on its geographical location aka its domicile. From the state, province, city, village, even to the housing complex where they live.
  4. Behavior, In this segmentation, the step taken is to divide the target audience based on the behavior (behavior) when purchasing a product. For example how consumer loyalty to a product is, what benefits it seeks, and so on.
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Understanding the Application of Targeting In Marketing Strategies

The next step in STP’s marketing strategy is targeting. i.e. determine target the best market for running your business from one of the segmenting election results. In performing targeting, you also need to consider several factors including:

  1. Profitability, Profit aka profit is the main thing that needs to be considered maturely when determining the target market. Therefore, be sure to select the right segment according to the company’s profit target.
  2. Growth, As a market participant, you should also know how the growth potential of that business is being run. That way, it is possible to project the company’s development plan in the future.
  3. Ease of Access (Accessibility), Next, also consider how the products you market can be easily accessed by buyers. For example in terms of delivery of goods. In addition, learn also whatever the servant instant access to the marketplace in order to find a solution to the solution.

Understanding the Effective Application of Positioning

The implementation phase of the STP marketing strategy is next positioning. Positioning is the way or strategy of putting both promotion and product advertising as well as brand into the segmentation that has been targeted. This step makes it easier for you to determine the most appropriate method as well as effective and efficient content in marketing products up to building brands on target markets. To perform positioning, consider the following tips:

  1. Offer Solutions
  2. Unique Selling Point
  3. Creating Preferred Campaigns


Marketing goods is an important business activity that needs to be planned on a regular basis ripen. STP marketing strategies can you appropriately implement to increase business income.

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