Know the Benefits and Types of Digital Campaign Before Using It

The digital campaign is a fairly popular venture marketing strategy the last few years. For the lay community it may not yet be familiar with the term despite frequent viewing of it in digital media.

While for the company’s marketing team, it must have been understanding with this strategy. Especially since the increasing use of gadgets and internet networks in society, many companies have started implementing them.

Have You Learned the Type of Digital Campaign?

It is not only large companies that are trying to implement this strategy. Yet it is also a variety of small companies. Because, it is classified as cheaper to apply in business.

Getting to Know the Meaning of the Digital Campaign

In general, the campaign is conducted with the aim of encouraging the paging the product and service delivery of a company. The digital campaign is carried out by utilizing online media. This new trend is also driving the emergence of diverse learning regarding digital marketing. So that more and more skilled labor is in this field.

This strategy is pursued by business owners by improving brand awareness of enterprises and products through online domains. In the conventional way, brochures and catalogue generally take the form of flyers or books only. Whereas in the digital campaign published to social media, websites up to sending them to consumers via email.

Online media makes it possible for companies to get closer to consumers by various places. The digital campaign is not the only marketing strategy implemented by companies. It is only a small part of it. Sometimes applied in certain moments for example event holiday snug, year-end warehouse wash, etc.

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Listening to the Variety of Digital Campaign Benefits

Digital campaigns are able to attract prospective consumers’ attention, attract as curious, eliciting a desire for certain products or services. Until finally it will make both product and service purchases. Alongside that there is still a wide variety of other benefits.

  1. Popular Brand

A successful campaign strategy will make the brand a business is popular with the public. Surely you also when there’s something viral on online platforms like social media, it can be popular all over Indonesia. You could capitalize on that kind of phenomenon in business. When Your rand is popular, then there will be huge prospective consumers from diverse regions in the homeland. It is so profitable for the business.

  1. Raising Brand Awareness

The first benefit of the digital campaign is being able to raise brand awareness. The rise of brand awareness makes society easier and faster at recognizing a business brand. This will add to new consumers in a society where it is useless to buy or wear your business services. Then, sales will contribute to the rise in which profits also grow.

  1. New Opportunities and Opportunities

When brand awareness is high, then opportunities and opportunities new will open wide. To achieve these benefits, you need to implement the right digital campaign, get through platforms such as corporate social media.

  1. Raising Sales

When many people have known your brand, then willy-nilly will you also have to improve sales quality. Let’s just say by ramping up innovation in the field of technology. This will increase consumer convenience in conducting witness. In addition, transaction recording or bookkeeping has become much more practical and modern. Improving the quality of sales will benefit companies as well as consumers.

  1. Paying Attention to Faithful Consumers
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Attracting new consumers in the digital campaign is indeed important. However, you should not overlook consumers who are already loyal. You need to pay attention to them and provide satisfactory service. Through such means, there is no reason for loyal consumers to turn to another business. You could apply a special promo in this case, e.g. buy 1 free 1 promo, discount voucher after purchasing a number of items, etc.

Recognizing Multiple Types of Digital Campaigns

Increasingly evolving technologies need to be make good use of. For example by trying different kinds of campaign strategies. Don’t stick to just one type of strategy, check out the following types.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of digital campaign that utilizes search engines. Through the use of certain keywords in a content, companies will be able to attract internet users. Through SEO, internet users can when a brand or brand of a company. This strategy exerts great influence in promotion and marketing digitally. The reason is that many internet users yang search the internet for information before purchasing a product or service. Companies can leverage content to attract internet users’ interest in choosing products or services.

  1. Search Engine Marketing

Have you ever found the sign “Ad” atau “advertising” while searching the internet for information? The mark indicates the company implementing Search Engine Marketing. It’s by paying advertising spots for example through Google Ads.

  1. Social Media Marketing

In modern times like today, who is not familiar with social media? It is becoming a digital campaign opportunity through social media. This way you can do promotion, recognition up to product or service marketing. Social media can also be a place to builds closer interactions with customers. Not just delivering product or service offerings but also hearing comments from customers.

  1. Per Click (PPC)
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This strategy requires that you pay to any person who does a click on an ad or business website. However, this cost will be worth it when many people make a click until it continues into the transaction process.

  1. Content Marketing

This strategy is implemented by flicking content. This content should attract audiences to make transactions. This content can be blog articles, social media captions, banners, videos etc.

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing applied by sending email to the customer, this can be a message that interests the customer to make the purchase of a product or service. This strategy is quite effective because every smartphone owner must have email.

  1. Influencer Marketing

This strategy utilizes cooperation with influencers on social media. Follower influencers generally easily purchase the products or services offered. This will help businesses reach more consumers.


Marketing is classified as quite an important thing business. An implemented strategy cannot be indiscriminate, because it will affect sales results. One of the recommended modern strategies is the digital campaign.

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